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Founder - Romney Nelson

Best-Selling Author, Teacher, Business Owner and Best-Selling Course Instructor.

My Story

Romney is part of the new generation of thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Initially starting his career as a Physical Education and Health teacher, he later advanced to leadership positions in renowned schools such as The Geelong College in Australia, as well as teaching roles in Wimbledon and Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Transitioning to the business sector, Romney went on to secure State and National positions, including roles at the Australian Football League (AFL) and executive positions at two large national businesses. Combining his educational and business expertise, he authored his first best-selling book, The Habit Switch in 2019. Romney has now authored and published over 300 books across the world including Best-Selling titles in the US, UK and Canada.

With extensive experience as a presenter and online course instructor, Romney has made a positive impact in various educational and business forums. As a top-rated online course instructor, he has reached and influenced thousands of people in over 146 countries. Romney has now created a unique program that integrates his teaching, business, and entrepreneurial experiences to benefit entrepreneurial students worldwide.

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