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The Future Innovators Program - Junior Start-Up, is an innovative program on Entrepreneurship for 11 - 14 year old kids. This program is designed to teach kids the basics of creating their own business idea, financial literacy, goal setting, and thinking like a successful entrepreneur.

Why Choose the Future Innovators Program?

Valuable Life Skills: Problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity are vital for success in any career. Our program goes beyond starting a business, nurturing these valuable future skills that will empower students throughout their lives, regardless of their future career path.​


Encourages Innovation and Creativity: Entrepreneurship is the catalyst for innovation and outside-the-box thinking. With our program, students unleash their imaginative powers, transforming ideas into reality.


Basic Financial Literacy Skills: Kids learn basic financial management, gaining a practical understanding of money's value and wise usage for a solid foundation.


Hands-on Learning: The program includes interactive activities and real-world examples to engage kids and make entrepreneurship learning exciting!


Age Appropriate: Geared towards ages 11-14, the Future Innovators Program - Junior Start-Up is tailored for kids at this crucial stage of development, empowering them to explore their potential and shape their future path.


User-Friendly and Engaging: Blending video lessons with project-based activities, the program offers a fun and engaging learning experience that can be accessed from school or home, 24/7. Classroom teacher or parent supervision is encouraged but not mandatory, therefore the program offers great flexibility.


The LaunchPad Pitch: Students are provided with the opportunity to present their business idea as a 'pitch'. This provides a wonderful opportunity for students to develop confidence and build on their presentation and communication skills.


Invest in the Future Innovators Program to provide students with valuable life skills, foster innovation, and support their entrepreneurship development.



Total Length of Video Content = 3+ hours

Resources Included = 8

Number of Lessons = 37

Course Sections = 7

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Introduction to the Program

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A Parent and Teacher Support Guide

  • About the Program

  • Steps for Students to Access the Program

  • Supporting Tips to Assist Students

  • FAQ's

Teacher Lesson Plans

  • To assist with facilitating the program in schools, a full set of teacher lesson plans (15 lessons in total) have been designed in an easy-to-follow format.

Our unique 'LaunchPad' Pitch Resource

  • Get ready as students develop their unique business pitch to present to the teacher and their peers.

  • This resource includes everything you need!

  • Pitch preparation information

  • Pitch Tips

  • Pitch Evaluation Template for Teachers and Students

A Certificate of Completion is awarded at the end of the Workbook

The program is also supported by a 48 page student workbook. The workbook can be downloaded and printed for free via the PDF file provided or can be purchased online via leading online bookstores such as Amazon.

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